Hard Cider

I’m looking for ideas for a hard cider.  I’ll be getting 5 gallons at an upcoming cider press event.  I haven’t made cider yet, but I understand the process quite well.  I’m thinking of making the five gallons, using EC-1118 yeast and at the end of fermentation, splitting it into separate one gallon fermenters and then adding something to four of them and leaving one plain.

So far, I’m considering the following ideas.

  • brown sugar and raisons
  • cranberry
  • make one with 1/2 gallon of pear juice and 1/2 gallon of cider
  • ginger and clove

I’m still brainstorming.  If you have any thoughts, please reply with them.

One thought on “Hard Cider

  1. I’m not sure how to get the comments to show up here, so if you’ve commented, please be patient, as I learn how to do this Blog stuff! Thanks


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