Wild Lavender Yeast

I kegged and bottled my Wild Lavender Saison today.  The finishing gravity was 1.006.  My starting gravity was 1.064.  This resulted in an attenuation of 73.8%.  The yeast settled out nicely, leaving the beer crystal clear.  The yeast cake was kind of cottage cheese like in appearance.

yeast cake from Lavendar saison

I have about 3 pints of yeast out of the batch, in canning jars.  I’ll take a photo after they settle out and post it in this blog post.

The beer taste (tasted it flat as I was bottling and kegging) was spicy and surprisingly sweet for such a low finishing gravity.  I’m curious what it will taste like after it carbs up nicely.  More to come on this beer!  I’m sure my friend Matt, will want some of this to try on one of his Saisons.

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