2015 Christmas Ale (Spiced Sleigh Ride Ale)

A ginger and cinnamon infused winter warmer.

NOTE**  The recipe is at the bottom of the page.

The homebrew club that I belong to (Cascadia Brewers Alliance) had a 12 beers of Christmas Brew last year.  Basically we brewed the 12 beers of Christmas from Randy Mosher’s book, Radical Brewing.  We all brewed a 5 gallon batch of the beer we had chosen, then had a Christmas Party on December 20, 2014.  We each brought a case of our beer to share with the other brewers (2 bottles to each brewer of each beer) and we had extra bottles for a tasting of each one.  We ended up with about 30 people at my home, with two kegs on tap and numerous other homebrews for sampling.  It was a hit!

This year, we have changed it up a little bit.  We’ve opened it up to more than 12 brewers (any that want to brew a Christmas/Holiday style beer is welcome to brew this year.  The beer style and recipe is up to them.  Basically, their version of a great holiday beer is the only guideline.  We’ll be having the party this year at Tyler Wards (he’s the guy that pretty much got our club off the ground) house.

I’ve decided to try and clone one of my favorite holiday beers for this years event.  I grew up in Ohio and spent the first 39 years of my life there.  I’m a huge fan of Cuyahoga Brewing Company in Cleveland, Ohio.  Now that I live out here in the west, I get very few chances to drink their beers.  My favorites are the Elliot Ness and the Burning River Pale Ale.  In addition, their Annual Christmas Beer is always great.  So, with some research, I was able to find some different recipes online and tweaked them to what my memory of the tastes were like.

So, without further ado, here is my recipe.  I plan to brew it on Saturday, September 26th, 2015 so that it is at it’s peak by Christmas.

I’ll add tasting notes and other information on this beer as it happens.

2015 Christmas Ale